Various aluminium-based alloys we frequently use

AlSi7Mg0.3 (42100) (Rheinfelden : Anticorodal-70)

Aluminium + Silica + Magnesium

Mechanical and nautical construction, automotive and aeronautical industries, electro-technical and electromechanical industries, machines for the food industry

Universal aluminium alloy with excellent mechanical characteristics, excellent resistance to corrosion, very good weld-ability and tool-ability

AlSi9Mg (43300) (Rheinfelden : Silafont-30/31dv)

Aluminium + Silica + Magnesium

Automotive industry, commercial vehicles, parts for large off-road vehicles (carters, torque-converters), motorcycle parts, machines for the textile and electromechanical industry, components of air-conditioning devices

One of the most used aluminium silica alloys, good mechanical properties after thermal treatment (permanent modification), excellent mould-ability, very good resistance to corrosion, excellent weld-ability and machine tooling-ability

AlSi11 (44000) (Rheinfelden : Silafont-13/12dv)

Aluminium + Silica

Mechanical construction, all parts with complex shapes and the need to be waterproof, excellent resistance to marine corrosion, good shock and metal fatigue resistance (example: automobile and motorcycle rims)

Universal aluminium alloy, nearly eutectic, good mechanical resistance, high ductility and resilience, good mould-ability and resistance to corrosion, excellent weld-ability, nice brilliance after mechanical polishing. 

AlSi11Mg (44000) (Rheinfelden : Silafont-20)

Aluminium + Silica + Magnesium

All parts with complex forms, good resistance to high mechanical constraints. Ideal when water-tightness and/or fatigue-resistance are required, great resistance to corrosion. Food industry, parts for naval usage, trucks and large off-road vehicles

Aluminium alloy for thermal treatment, nearly eutectic, high mechanical resistance, excellent resistance to corrosion (as well atmospheric as marine), excellent weld-ability, machine tooling-ability after thermal treatment and excellent resistance to metal fatigue

AlSi12CuNiMg (48000) (Rheinfelden : Silafont-70)

Aluminium + Silica + Copper + Nickel + Magnesium

For all parts that must withstand high mechanical constraints at high temperatures: pistons for internal combustion engines, parts for pumps and gearings, all mechanical parts that must endure friction and abrasion

High breaking/rupture charge values, high elastic limits, very good hardness after quenching, excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, good machine tooling-ability, (note: feeble resistance to corrosion), good resistance to friction, abrasion, wear and tear

AlZn10Si8Mg (Rheinfelden : Unifont-90/91 dv)

Aluminium + Zinc + Silica + Magnesium

Very suitable aluminium alloy for mechanical construction, automotive industry, model-making, parts for hydraulic devices, household goods, machines for the textile industry, weapon industry, manufacturing of moulds for the thermoplastic moulding industry

Auto-quenching alloy with excellent mechanical resistance and elongation values, very nice brilliance after mechanical polishing, good machine tooling-ability and weld-ability, good mould-ability, re-hardens through maturing after thermal solicitation

AlMg3 (51100) (Rheinfelden : Peraluman-30)

Aluminium + Magnesium

Ideal for parts that must be anodized for decorative purposes, all metallic accessories for home-enhancement, parts for naval construction and for the food industry, metallic furniture, optical devices, art casting

Aluminium alloy with an excellent resistance to corrosion in marine conditions, very good for decorative anodization, very good brilliance after mechanical polishing, excellent mechanical resistance and elongation/resilience values, (note: the casting technique is somewhat technically demanding)

AlCu4TiMg (21000) (Rheinfelden : Alufont-47)

Aluminium + Copper + Titanium + Magnesium

Aluminium alloy for all parts that must withstand very high mechanical constraints without the need of being corrosion-resistant, automotive and aeronautical industries, high-tension circuit-breakers, machines for the textile industry, weapon industry

Aluminium alloy with high mechanical resistance after thermal treatment, maturing and/or tempering, very high tenacity after maturing, very good machine tooling-ability, very good brilliance after mechanical polishing, (note: corrosion-sensitivity under constraints when quenched and tempered)

Note: we wish to express all our gratitude to the Rheinfelden company (Germany) for these technical information. All the alloys mentioned above are available at this company.