Industrial parts in cast aluminium or other light metals

Our craft: the study, modelling, sand-casting and machine-finishing (tooling) of any part in aluminium or other light metal alloys, based upon a model or a technical drawing. What we do the best: large, heavy and technically complex industrial parts, from 10 to 400 Kg or even heavier.

At Aludeclercq, we are specialized in casting small to medium-sized series, but we are also able to produce single parts or prototypes. We are basically sand-casters in green or chemical sand for all types of aluminium alloys, or other light metals, but we can also deliver die-cast parts.

We work for various industrial sectors:

  • Manufacturers of machines for the food, textile and consumer goods production industries
  • Prototypes for the automobile and aeronautical sectors
  • Production of moulds for the plastic industry
  • Urban furniture and urban signaletics
  • Anodes for maritime usage
  • Architectural components
  • Medical equipments

We are also glad to work for designers, artists, architects