Our other activities and products

The identical reproduction of ancient architectural components

We can make reproductions in cast aluminium of old architectural components (balconies, staircases, gutters…), with exactly the same dimensions as the original part. The technical challenge with this activity is that one would think: “ok, let’s use the old part as a model (or: let’s make a model based on the old part)”. But then, the part cast this way will have smaller dimensions in all directions like the original, because of the known problem of the shrinking of aluminium during its cooling phase.

We are in a position to bypass this problem by using 3D scanning (“lasergrammetry”) for producing a 3D drawing of the original part, increase its dimensions by 1.5% in all directions, and make a model based on this new drawing. Working with this “inflated” model enables us to avoid the dimensional problem.

Urban furniture


We are proud to present our assortment of urban benches “The Observer”: a unique and novel design. These benches are made out from cast aluminium and jatoba wood. Have a look at www.dc-exteriors.be . We also produce elegant sign-posts in cast aluminium for urban signaletics.

Our bespoke columns and pillars for verandas, pergolas, conservatories, gazebos…


Our subsidiary, DC-columns has developed a unique system of columns and pillars in cast aluminium that are cut to measure and fully modular. These columns are both decorative and structural. Initially conceived for outdoor use (conservatories, gazebos, orangeries, porches, canopies, verandahs, balconies, terraces...), these columns and pillars can also be used for indoor projects (lofts, decoration and restorations, pubs, mezzanines, loggias etc.). Have a look at www.dc-colonnes.com

And there is more…

  • We can, upon request, reproduce rare spare parts for vintage cars in aluminium
  • We have a nice assortment of flower pots in cast aluminium, for the exterior as well as for modern interiors
  • We also can, upon request, reproduce ancient luminaries

Just ask us!